Our extensive timetable offers a range of dance styles and the classes are taught by highly qualified teachers. The core subjects of Ballet, Modern and Tap are based on the examination syllabi of the
Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) and the Imperial Society of Teacher’s of Dancing (ISTD).
This system offers each child the chance to achieve their personal best and gives them a goal to work towards. Every child within the school is given the chance to take examinations and it is assumed that parents will encourage this.

Here are some basic points with regards to the examination system we follow:

  • The teacher of the class will decide when a suitable standard has been reached and the children and parents will be advised.
  • A date will be arranged and an external examiner booked to come out to the dancing school.
  • The examination will take place during school time and absence from school will be necessary. This doesn’t usually cause a problem as headteachers are familiar with the process and are generally happy to authorise the absence. The amount of time required off school is generally no more than a couple of hours.
  • Extra lessons are necessary in order to prepare the candidate
    as best as possible. There will be 4 extra lessons, the cost of which will be included on the exam
  • The exam fee will be advised in advance and an invoice issued. This must be paid before the exam closing date to secure the child’s place.
  • The children are examined in groups, not individually. However the result is based on the individuals performance.
  • The results awarded differ between the RAD and ISTD, please refer to the exam information sheet.
  • The examinations in both organisations have been accredited by OFQAL and are recognised as part of the National Qualifications Framework.

An information sheet will be issued when your child is entered for an exam. It covers in depth what to expect. Parents should advise at the earliest opportunity if they do not wish their children to take part in examinations.

Useful Information

The ISTD and RAD Examination boards have published a letter that can come in handy when requesting time off school for dance exams. Schools are generally happy to authorise but if there are any problems these letters help to explain what the child is requesting time away from school.
A Pdf version of both letters is available here:

Click to download the ISTD Letter for Schools

Click to download the RAD Letter for Schools