Uniform & Dancewear


We do require all our pupils to wear a uniform for all classes. Grooming and presentation is an essential part of the Performing Arts and wearing a uniform helps to give a sense of belonging.

All professional dance schools will insist on uniform as an essential part of Health and Safety and it allows us to see correct posture and alignment of the dancers bodies - an important thing in the training of a dancer. When dancers wear the correct uniform and are well groomed it shows respect to the teachers and also to themselves.

We are proud of our uniform and encourage all new starters to purchase the items as soon as is possible however we would suggest that you wait until after the 3 week trial period is completed. Although we are very much aware that children will put pressure on to buy everything they need on week one we would urge you to make sure the school is right for their needs before paying out for uniform!


Ordering from us is easy!

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When you are ready to purchase the items required for class PLEASE LOGIN TO YOUR PARENT PORTAL ACCOUNT which will enable you to order everything you need. Items are added to a basket as you shop and then once you complete Checkout the order comes through to the school office for processing.

For your information:

  • Dance shoes, Ballet leotards, skirts, tights and cardigans are ordered once a week, usually on a Tuesday and so long as these are in stock should be with you within 7-10 days.
  • Hamilton branded gear (jackets, leggings, crops, vests, shorts, leotards) are ordered at the end of each calendar month. Once the order has been made the supplier (Squad Dancewear) will endeavour to get the items to us as quickly as possibly. Their current lead time is between 6-8 weeks so please consider this when ordering anything that may be required for birthdays or similar.
  • Crop Sweatshirts and Gilets have a different supplier and he is relatively quick so items ordered should be with you pretty quickly.
  • Sliders are ordered as and when we have a minimum order of 10 pairs and these generally take around 6 weeks to arrive.