Our Fees are highly competitive with a pricing structure which is designed to encourage members to attend as many classes as possible. Our discount scheme offers excellent value for money to those pupils who are keen to become more involved in the school.

  • Fees are payable in advance of the term and an invoice will be presented approximately 4 weeks before the start of the next term.
  • A discount is offered to parents who pay their child’s fees on time, this is known as the Prompt Payment Discount (PPD). The discounted rate will apply to children who study more than one class a week. The PPD date will always be clearly shown on the invoice.
  • In addition to the PPD our members are also given the opportunity to become ‘Associate Members’ of the school.
  • As an associate member a student will pay an upper limit and are then entitled to attend as many classes as they wish – Junior Associates pay for 4 classes and Senior Associates pay for 5.

New Starters

  • New starters are offered a 3 week trial before committing to paying a full terms fees.
  • The 3 week trial costs £12-00 per subject you wish to trial.
  • After the trial period is over an invoice will be issued for the balance of the term fees.
  • Should your child not wish to continue with classes then there will be no further payment due.
  • Please keep an eye out on our social media for details of FREE TRIAL OFFERS.