“Jazmin has made so many lovely new friends and her confidence has grown immensely, she absolutely loves her dancing”

Debra Jones

“Hamilton Dance was a huge part of my childhood where I not only learnt to dance but learnt about commitment, determination and team work. I made lifelong friends and so many of my happiest memories are of our time at dancing” Sarah Gomery

“Anneliese has taught, nurtured,  praised, challenged & encouraged Ellie to become not only a very talented & confident dancer & performer but to feel part of the Hamilton family which is what her dance school is. Every child is treated individually & she brings the best out in all of them” Sue Grant

“I am watching all my girls grow in both dance skills and confidence and they love every minute and are so happy there! The opportunities they are given through dance shows, pantomimes etc are endless and all contributing towards special memories” Karen Finn

“I have seen Maddy grow in confidence, posture, manners and etiquette not just in her dancing and performing but as a person (albeit a little one!). This has a lot to do with the staff and pupils of the school who as a team look out for each other, encourage each other and fully support one another, regardless of ability or aspirations” Lynne Bell

“Anneliese inspired me to dance from a young age, so much so that I still dance in some way or another, every day (and my profession is far from dance related)! Through her style, attention to detail and encouragement, Anneliese pushed me to achieve exam results I am proud of and taught me to become the best dancer that I can be. I have extremely happy memories of my time as Anneliese’s student at both the Pimbley Johnson & Hamilton School of  Dance” Sarah Wade

“The dance school has gone from strength to strength, and what I admire most about Anneliese and the ethos for her school, is that she values every child, regardless of their ability. She understands that all children have different personalities with different needs and talents” Jennifer Aisbitt

“Looking back, I can vividly remember everything about my first ballet lesson, especially the teacher. Over the past 14 years of my life Anneliese has definitely had a hand in forming the person I am and without Hamilton School of Dance and Drama I would not have the confidence I do today, not only in performance, but also in every aspect of my life. I have become part of an incredibly supportive community, but also a family, despite it being a bit of a dysfunctional one a times!” Stephanie Shaw

“I have so many memories of the wonderful times I have spent here and the amazing people who have come to be some of my closest friends. I just want to thank Anneliese for creating a place I can safely call my home away from home.” Lucy Tomlinson

“Having known Anneliese for over 20 years first as my teacher then as colleagues and most importantly a friend, I am thrilled to have been a part of Hamilton school of Dance and Drama and watched the school flourish over the past 10 years under Anneliese’s leadership” Laura Meeson

“Being given the opportunity to work at this school, has been an absolute joy for me. What started out as a part time job (to make me some extra cash as a student), has actually enabled me to develop a passion for teaching young people and here I am almost 8 years later, still working as a teacher, not just at Hamilton’s but at other schools around Merseyside too and I owe being able to get these other teaching jobs to the chance I was given by Anneliese – she believed in me and has nurtured my teaching skills over the years. I know at times I have driven her mad, but I think we have made a great team, along with Laura, Hannah and Gill and the other brilliant staff here at Hamilton’s.

Working over the years on all of our summer shows, pantomimes and end of term showcases, I have been able to appreciate the hard work that goes into these events but also see the positive effects they have on the students. Watching them grow from strength to strength and achieve things that perhaps seemed unreachable at the being of a rehearsal process is so rewarding and makes our jobs worth while! I am sure audience members will agree that the students always pull the stops out – and it is because they are encouraged by such a hardworking principal and mentor to them.

Having had the pleasure of watching students go on to higher education to pursue their dreams – not just in dance and theatre, but whatever path they choose, I will always feel privileged to have known them and taught them in something that, like me, they all share a passion for. Furthermore, it is also great to see so many younger students of the school growing into talented, confident and hard-working individuals, following in the footsteps of so many success stories that Hamilton’s has created. So it is with great pleasure I find myself still here celebrating the 10th anniversary of somewhere that will also hold a very special place in my heart!” Adam McCoy