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I am very excited to announce our new timetable for the Autumn term achat en ligne cialis. The timetable will be distributed before the end of the summer term and I am certain that this will be our best to date and really will see our dancers being offered the best all-round training.
There will be a number of new classes added and we are also making a couple of changes to the days/times of classes.
Advance notice is given of the main changes:
– Hip Hop will move to a Tuesday evening
-Junior Acro will move to a Saturday
– There will be a new ‘Open age’ Acro class for Year 5 upwards on a Monday evening
– A new ‘Junior Contemporary class’ for
Year 4-6 on a Saturday
-‘Open age’ Contemporary on a Saturday
– A new Turns/Leaps/Technique class on a Saturday
– All jazz classes will run on a Thursday evening

It is hoped that these changes will not cause too many problems. Please see me if you have any particular concerns or would like to request any new classes.